6 Inch Corrugated PVC Roof Sheet Superweight
CODE: 22004
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Vistalux Superweight 1.3mm Thick Clear Corrugated PVC Roof Sheets at 1086mm Wide Matches 6 inch Asbestos Profile Sheets. Available in 5ft, 6ft, 7ft, 8ft, 9ft, 10ft and 12ft Lengths - 5 sheets (mixed) is the minimum order requirement for corrugated sheets
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6 Inch Corrugated PVC Roof Sheet Superweight

Vistalux Corrugated PVC Sheets are Easy to Install, Lightweight and Economic. A Versatile Rooflight Sheet for Car Ports, Canopies and Gazebos. Easy to Cut, Drill and Install with Standard DIY Tools with a Choice of Corrugated Profiles.

These 1086mm wide PVC Roof Sheets will give you a cover width of 1016mm when you overlap them by one corrugation.

  • Canopies
  • Car Ports
  • Covered Walkways
  • Porches
  • Splash Barriers
  • Side Cladding
  • Cold Frames
Availability: In stock - 5 sheets (mixed) is the minimum order requirement for corrugated sheets
Estimated Delivery: 5 working days
Manufacturer: Ariel Plastics
Product Code: 22002 (1525mm/5ft) - 22004 (1830mm/6ft) - 22006 (2135mm/7ft) - 22008 (2440mm/8ft) - 22010 (2745mm/9ft) - 22012 (3050mm/10ft) - 22016 (3660mm/12ft)

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Corrugated PVC Sheet Installation Guides

1. Preperation
For a Car Port or Lean Too installation you will need:
  • Vistalux PVC Roofing Sheet
  • Vistalux PVC Roof Flashing
  • Vistalux PE Eaves Filler
  • Vistalux Super Fixings
  • Flashing Tape

A minimum slope of 5 degrees is essential in any structure to ensure water run-off (10 degrees or more is better)
2. Cutting Sheets
Arrange the sheets loosely on the roof, mark hole positions and any necessary saw cuts with a felt tip pen.
Sheets should overhang the roof by 60mm to allow rainfall to run-off into the gutter and should be wide enough to cover the barge board at the side.
If cutting is required use an angle grinder with a metal slitting blade or fine tooth saw at a shallow angle with light pressure. Support the sheet to minimise vibrations.
A good tip when cutting is to sandwich the sheet between other sheets with the part to be removed protruding.
If a sheet has to be cut to a finished width, make the cut in the slope of the corrugated sheet.
Avoid drilling and cutting sheets in very cold weather. Warm sheets will be less prone to damage. If possible store sheets in a warm room before cutting.

3. Drilling Sheets
Pre-drill sheets before fixing. Please note - holes for fixings must be drilled larger than the fixing to allow for expansion. Typically 10mm for a 3mm sheet.
Drill sheets singly with a masonary bit using a low speed drill and light pressure. Support the sheet securely under each hole position when drilling.
There should be at least 5 fixings per support across the width of the sheet.

4. Flashing
Vistalux wall flashing to match the sheet corrugation is installed at the top of the slope. The Wall Flashing is fixed firmly into position with Butyl wall flashing tape to form a watertight seal between the sheet and the wall.

5. Fixing
Start fixing the sheets.
Ariel foam fillers are used under the sheets at all support positions to prevent roof 'chatter' and to support the sheets when fixed.
Use Ariel screws, caps and washers to secure the sheet: the screw is sufficently tight when the washer under its head can just be rotated with the finger and thumb.

6. Joining Sheets (end to end)
If sheets need to be joined end to end, ensure an overlap of at least 150mm for a 10 degree slope or 300mm for a 5 degree slope.
Use a strip of Butyl Sealing Tape to prevent dust and dirt getting between the sheets.

Corrugated PVC Sheet Installation Guide

How to install a PVC Carport

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