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Privacy Policy and Cookie Information

The boring bits are below but please be assured that we don’t pass any of your details to third parties and that we comply fully with the data protection act.

Please note, this privacy policy applies to this website and our mobile applications. If you do not accept this privacy policy and cookies notice, do not use this Site.

When you create or log in to an online account you agree to our privacy policy and cookie notice. Information collected from your use of this website or our mobile applications (for example, iPhone, android and iPad apps) will be processed in accordance with this notice.

Privacy notice

Information we may hold about you includes:

Information you’ve provided to us verbally or via our website.

Information about products and services you’ve ordered or enquired about.

Information provided by other companies who have obtained your permission to share information about you.

Information about your interaction with adverts and services such as registration, comments.

Information we collect using cookies stored on your device. For more information on cookies and how to manage them, please see our cookies notice below but this is purely to give you a better shopping experience.

Your IP address, this is a number that identifies a specific network device on the internet and is required for your device and is required for your device to communicate with websites.

Technical information from your device relating to the service you receive. i.e. am I using an iPad, android. Laptop, etc.

How we may use your information:

By using this Site, you agree that we may collect, hold, process and use your information (including personal information) for the purpose of providing you with the Site services and developing our business which shall include. (without limitation)

Verifying your identity. (for example when you return to the Site)

Personalising your visits to the Site and developing the design and style of the Site to improve the services provided to you.

Informing you about the latest changes to the Site, or products, services or promotional offers that you might find interesting.

Dealing with, and responding to you about, a comment you have submitted for or on our message boards, blogs and other such user generated content facilities.

Compiling customer reviews. (but only if you want to)

Conducting market research

Carrying out statistical, technical and logistical analysis

To send you periodic newsletters about your chosen services. (only if you want - opt out at any time)

To send you direct marketing. This may include communications by post, telephone or email or SMS about us and our business partners’ products and services, events and special offers. (only from us)

Safeguards and Security

No data transmission over the internet can be entirely secure, so Roofing Ventilation does not guarantee the security of your personal information and/or use of the Site. However, we use reasonable endeavours to protect the security of your personal information from unauthorised access or use by using encryption technology. In addition to these safeguards, your personal information is protected in the UK by the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA). This provides that the information which we hold about you should be processed fairly and lawfully, should be accurate, relevant and not excessive, not be retained for longer than is necessary and, if applicable, be kept up to date.


You should be aware that when you use our websites, mobile sites, or mobile apps, we may collect information by using 'cookies'.

What are cookies and how do they work?

Cookies are small bits of text that are downloaded to your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. Your browser sends these cookies back to the website every time you visit the site again, so it can recognise you and can then tailor what you see on the screen.

What are cookies for?

Cookies are an important part of the internet. They make using websites much smoother and affect lots of the useful features of websites. There are many different uses for cookies, some example are shown below.

Here are some examples of essential cookies:

Keeping you logged in during your visit; without cookies you might have to log in on every page you go to.

When you add something to the online shopping basket, cookies make sure it's still there when you get to the checkout.

Here are a few examples of just some of the ways that cookies are used to improve your experience on our websites:

Remembering your preferences and settings, including marketing preferences.

Remembering if you've filled in a survey, so you're not asked to do it again.

Remembering if you've been to the site before. If you are a first-time user, you might see different content to a regular user