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Ariel Plastics Harcon Corovent

Ariel Plastics' Corovent Roof Ventilation is an expansive collection of slate, tile, ridge roofing vents and eaves ventilation products. These solutions are expertly designed to mitigate the risk of condensation by ensuring sufficient airflow within the roof void. Each product in this comprehensive range is meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate with any roof style; from traditional slate and tile to modern ridge and eaves systems. Offering more than just aesthetic appeal, Corovent Roof Ventilation products enhance the functional efficiency of your roofing by facilitating proper air circulation, thereby preventing moisture build-up. Trust in Ariel Plastics' Corovent Roof Ventilation to maintain the structural integrity of your roof while effectively addressing the issue of condensation.

Roofing Ventilation Features
  • Tile Vents to match most available tiles
  • Tile colour matching service
  • Blend discreetly with existing tiles
  • Manufactured from modern plastic materials
  • Quick and easy to install
Product Categories