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Mardome Trade Polycarbonate Rooflights

The Mardome Trade Rooflight is a low-rise polycarbonate dome that is available in a vast array of sizes and options to meet any requirement. Suitable for structures where the roof pitch does not exceed 15 degrees. This flat roof skylight provides a stylish and contemporary look as standard and has been designed to bring optimal natural light into your building. Polycarbonate Roof lights are an ideal choice for flat roofs with options to satisfy every specification and budget and has been designed with installers in mind to ensure quick and easy installation.
Most sizes and options are available for 48-hour delivery as standard, and for convenience, a selection of popular sizes and options are available for next day delivery.

Features and Benefits

  • Huge range of sizes and variations.
  • Sleek, contemporary aesthetics.
  • 10-year warranty.
  • Aerodynamic low rise glazing unit.
  • Multiple glazing options available.
  • Multiwall PVC Kerb options with thermally efficient triple wall structure.
  • Extensive options to satisfy ventilation and light transmission.
  • Constant separation of glazing skins across full dome width and fixing flange on triple skin and better glazing minimises the risk of condensation.
  • Concealed mechanisms on mains powered opening units.
  • Class B non-fragile to ACR[M]001 when new and fully installed to Brett Martin installation guidelines.
  • BBA approved
  • 48 hour delivery as standard on some options.
  • Express 24 hour delivery available on a select range call for details 03302 230 267
Offering the widest possible flexibility, Mardome Trade sky lights can be individually configured in a range of sizes, shapes, glazing, ventilation and opening options and can be supplied with a range of kerb fixing options, to satisfy project requirements and budget.

Mardome Trade Rooflight Dome Shape

The shape of the polycarbonate on the roof window can either be a dome shape or a pyramid.

Mardome Trade Dome Tints
All Mardome Trade Polycarbonate Rooflights are glazed with Marlon FSX polycarbonate and are available in clear, patterned or opal tint to suit your needs. Each tint will provide a differing light transmission and lighting effect as per the details below.

Tint Lighting Effect Features Light Transmission (%) DIN 5036
Double skin Triple skin Quad skin
Clear High visibility • Maximum light transmission
• Maximum clarity of vision of views and objects through the dome
85% 78% 72%
Patterned Privacy •Combines privacy
with high levels of light
• Diffused daylight
• Impairs vision of views and
objects through the dome
78% 72% 66%
Opal Diffused light & solar control • Combines privacy with high levels of diffused light transmission
• Prevents solar glare and reduces solar heat gain
• Impairs vision of views and objects through the dome
35% 32% 30%
Mardome Trade Polycarbonate Rooflight Kerb Options
In order to cater to different project specifications, Mardome Rooflights offer various kerb options. The Mardome 150mm or 300mm Kerb is an ideal choice in scenarios where there is no existing upstand or when the preference lies in over-sailing the current upstand. In other senario's where the rooflight is to be fitted to an existing upstand, an unventilated rooflight can be fitted directly to the existing upstand. Ventilated or opening rooflights are supplied complete with a Direct Fix kerb, ensuring a secure and seamless installation.See kerb options below.
Direct fix glazing unit also available for mounting to builders’ upstand.
 Polycarbonate Rooflight on Direct Fix Kerb
150mm kerb (150mm waterproofing height) for mounting at roof surface level.
Polycarbonate Rooflight on 150mm Kerb
300mm tall kerb (300mm waterproofing height) for mounting below insulation.
Polycarbonate Rooflight on 300mm Kerb

Mardome Trade Polycarbonate Rooflight Ventilation Options

Mardome Trade rooflights have 3 options when it comes to ventilation. One option being manual trickle vents that include 2 manually operated hit and miss trickle vents providing combined 8400mm² equivalent area ventilation.

Automatic trickle vents include 2 automatic hit and miss trickle vents providing combined 7822mm² equivalent area ventilation. Mechanical operation only with no electrical connection. Vents will open at high humidity levels. Furthermore, a Powered extraction ventilation is available for areas that require high extraction (only available on non-opening variants and not available on all dome sizes).

Mardome Trade Polycarbonate Rooflight Opening Options

The Mardome Trade polycarbonate rooflight has many opening options from fixed with some options being fixed Secured by Design for extra security, a popular choice being manual opening with extension pole for roofs within reach and mains powered opening (with optional remote control and rain sensor) for higher roofs and convenience. This rooflight is also made into a suitable access hatch which includes a gas strut assisted opening unit that can be used to gain access to the roof, used in conjunction with a suitable ladder/other means of access (not supplied) and is lockable from the inside of the rooflight.

Mardome Trade Polycabronate Rooflights can be made to bespoke measurements, if you would like to disuss this and see if we can help you with your next project get in touch via email at [email protected], via live chat or over the phone on 03302 230 267.

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